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Year 2012 just before the Apocalypse I found that I can help small businesses to sell unwanted server hardware. I will stick hardware on ebay and then, if it sold, give back 50% of the final price.
There might be more services like infrastructure audit to determine all obsolete old systems, overheads, etc. Simplify and cleanup your server room.
Migrate most of your server room to public or private cloud. I can analyze and think about plan to make this migration happen:

Hi there! A private cloud infrastructure can help you stay competitive in a difficult economy. You can reduce capital and operating costs as well as create new revenue streams.

…or something like this:

With the private cloud, developers can deploy complete production-like development stacks—saving time and expense over traditional all-in-one box deployments, enabling faster handoff from development to operations. To move faster, these once siloed teams need to be tightly integrated and have the ability to provision their own environments on-demand rather than going through a long IT procurement process.

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