Clifford Hallam Healthcare


Daniels considerable expertise and approachability have been crucial in both major projects and day to day business. An extrememly knowledgable individual, excellent worker and team player makes it my pleasure to work with him.

Hamish Millar | Internet Marketing Consultant

January 18, 2011, Hamish Millar worked directly with Daniel at Clifford Hallam Healthcare (Previously Intouch)

Intouch - A Division of P.Q.Lifestyles Ltd.

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Daniel has a detailed knowledge of open source infrastructure solutions and can integrate solutions to automate many aspects of system administration. He is a naturally inquisitive person who will seek out solutions to all problems and provide practical solutions and is continually updating his skills. He is dedicated to keeping business solutions running and will always go the extra mile to ensure that the business runs smoothly.

Allan Howard CIO | Strategic IT Consultant | Change Management Specialist

June 4, 2011, Allan managed Daniel at Intouch - A Division of P.Q.Lifestyles Ltd.

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