In two words private cloud is like virtualisation on steroids. However it still sitting on virtualisation technologies. Chosing the most suitable is the key to success. So let’s compare some well known market players.


  Proxmox VE VMware vSphere Windows Hyper-V Citrix Xen Server
Guest operating system support Windows and Linux (KVM)

Other operating systems
are known to work and are
community supported

(OpenVZ supports Linux only)

Windows, Linux, UNIX Modern Windows OS, Linux support is limited  Most Windows OS, Linux support is limited 
Open Source Yes No No No
OpenVZ container
(known as OS Virtualization)
Yes No No No
Single-view for Mangagement (centralized control) Yes Yes, but requires dedicated management server (or VM)  Yes, but requires dedicated management server (or VM)  Yes
Simple Licensing Structure Only one subscription pricing, all features enabled No No No
High Availability Yes Yes Requires Microsoft Failover
clustering, limited guest OS
Live VM snapshots:
Backup a running VM
Yes Yes Limited Yes
Bare metal hypervisor Yes Yes Yes Yes
Virtual machine live migration Yes Yes Yes Yes
Max. Ram and CPU per Host 160 CPU/2 TB Ram 160 CPU/2 TB Ram 64 CPU/1 TB Ram ?


Original table on ProxMox website:

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