Again. I was involved in administration of one project hosted in Amazon WS cloud. After using Linode it was such a disappointment. Too many complexity after simple Linode dashboard. And pricey. One strange thing: the instance had changed ip after reboot which shouldn’t ever happen.
There was also a story about Linode cloud. They migrated to another location and shut down our server. Linode support attempted to contact us via email but for some strange reason we missed the warning. That server was a kind of legacy and one website hosted was compromised. There were a lots of other websites hosted and thus affected by the whole server shutdown. So this is an example how easy we lost control of our own priduction servers.
Now I prefer to have a mixture of all kind of services. Preferable cheap ones. That includes the local infrastructure. Why not to host test or development in house for free? With caching proxy and replication I achieve redundancy high availability and backup for the price of bowl of chips.

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