8ee49f7c5970475364f2e01f1b90e8a0A fully redundant storage for your VM´s with just no need of expensive SAN equipment, configured in about 30 to 60 minutes – starting from bare-metal. If you want to achieve a similar setup with traditional virtualization solutions with SAN you will need at least 4 servers boxes and the storage network.

Traditional setup with SAN (eg. iSCSI, NFS, FC):

  • Two servers for a redundant SAN
  • Two servers for redundant virtualization hosts
  • Extra storage network, VLAN´s, FC switches, etc
  • Complex setup

Proxmox VE with DRBD:

  • Only two servers with raid controllers and a bunch of hard drives (configure two raid volumes, one for Proxmox VE and one for DRBD device)

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