Microsoft is killing off its controversial stack-ranking system today. While it could be viewed as an internal change that won’t affect consumers directly, it will have a broad effect on current and future Microsoft employees that may just shape the future of the company. For years Microsoft has used a technique, stack ranking, that effectively encourages workers to compete against each other rather than a collaborative Microsoftthat CEO Steve Ballmer is trying to push ahead of his retirement.

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7634d2b176abab65aeb0e6a5ef4656d1Do you know that your public cloud provider used standard hyperviseor from xen (Linode), hyper-v(Azure), or vmware solutions.

Can you tell how secure is their setup? No. Because you have no control of the internal infrastructure of these cloud service providers.

CVE-2012-1666 – allows local users to gain privileges via a Trojan horse tpfc.dll file in the current working directory.

Look at Google Reader or more recent iGoogle. Service provider decided to serve you or not. If you based on one particular technology or feature – then you are in risk. That service or feature might be shut down at any time because provider is not interested in such service anymore. As well as the API. Interface to cloud services might vary and you need to control these changes to keep your business running.

So. Please combine all risks and benefits and decide if you really need public cloud. If so – please backup.

I use to work for alarm monitoring company in electronic security industry. Started as aprentice installer and finished as lead programmer and tech manager. It takes me years to understand the nature of the business and why people spend money on security but doesnt really receive service but still think that they are protected. Until something really happen with them.
It looks like the same idea as insurance business plus some funsy-shmansy electronic gadgets.
Now after 15 years in IT I found something similar here. Some customers paying for support and even receive some until something really happen. In my past work for one large enterprise we use to subscribed to Dell Red Hat Australia. I had never speak to real engineer all 3 years except one day when my manager took a high pressure on them. They connected me to one good man from states and he helped. The most of the other cases was on level of “please reboot your computer”. Lets see if the cloud will solve this scam. All you need is to migrate to cloud properly to avoid vendor lock. If something goes wrong you just switch service provider. Good luck.

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