“Safe upon solid rock the ugly house stands: Come and see my shining palace built upon the sand!

— Edna St. Vincent Millay


The name Pottersville comes from the popular film “It’s a Wonderful Life.” In the film, there are two alternative realities presented. In one reality, the city is controlled by a miserly banker who refuses to give people control over their own lives and property. This results in a culture of violence, hatred, and envy between citizens.

General Form

A software project adopts a product technology and becomes completely dependent upon the vendor’s implementation. When upgrades occur, software changes and interoperability problems occur. Continuous maintenance, based upon product upgrades, is required to keep the system running. Expected new product features are often delayed; causing schedule slips and inability to complete desired application software features.

Symptoms and Consequences

Commercial product upgrades drive the application software maintenance cycle.
Promised product features are delayed or never delivered, causing missed application feature deliveries.
The product varies significantly from the advertised open systems standard.
If a product upgrade is missed entirely, then a product repurchase and re-integration is often necessary.

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Microsoft is killing off its controversial stack-ranking system today. While it could be viewed as an internal change that won’t affect consumers directly, it will have a broad effect on current and future Microsoft employees that may just shape the future of the company. For years Microsoft has used a technique, stack ranking, that effectively encourages workers to compete against each other rather than a collaborative Microsoftthat CEO Steve Ballmer is trying to push ahead of his retirement.

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04be64c98988d4fcb68500f5a5e17f2cSandbox cloud infrastructure might be in your own hands. With the private cloud, developers can deploy complete production-like development stacks—saving time and expense over traditional all-in-one box deployments, enabling faster handoff from development to operations. To move faster, these once soloed teams need to be tightly integrated and have the ability to provision their own environments on-demand rather than going through a long IT procurement process.


These days many companies are not very happy with the financial situation and in the other hand IT is like everything for business these days. Some things like wrong product or inappropriate licensing can impact IT and even worse – put the company in risk of hardship.

I am an experienced Linux Systems Support and Network Administrator with experience gained over the past 15 years delivering business improvement in a dynamic and highly regulated market for an organization experiencing rapid growth and structural change.

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